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Shen Fa Eng. Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou)
Shen Fa Eng. Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou)
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Company News About SHENFA Shining Brilliantly in Shanghai

SHENFA Shining Brilliantly in Shanghai

SHENFA Shining Brilliantly in Shanghai

The highly anticipated ChinaPlas 2024, the 36th Shanghai International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries,

grandly opened at the Shanghai · Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center on April 23rd and came to a

successful conclusion this afternoon (April 26th). SHENFA ENG. CO., LTD. (Guangzhou), hereinafter referred to as

SHENFA, with 28 years of dedication to the printing industry, made a stunning debut at this exhibition with its brand-new

intelligent printing equipment, attracting the attention and interest of numerous industry insiders and outsiders.


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To prepare well for this exhibition, SHENFA meticulously arranged the exhibition hall, focusing on the

automationand intelligenceof the products. They showcased several advanced printing equipment.

Customers had theopportunity to get up close and experiencethe high efficiency, automation,

intelligence, and versatilityof the products, giving them high praise.


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As a regular exhibitor at the plastics and rubber exhibitions, SHENFA has always attracted attention for its

innovative strengthand applicationcapabilities. At this exhibition, we displayed a variety of products including

the multifunctional servo screen printer,high-capacity servo hot stamping machine,intelligent visual inspection

machine, and high-quality digital direct printer,etc. These exhibits are based on unique industry innovation

technologies and arecommitted to providing customers withautomated, intelligent, and multifunctional

printing equipment, technology, and service solutions to meet their diverse needs.


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Multifunctional Servo Screen Printing Machine (SF-MP208)

This equipment can be optionally equipped with integrated screen printing, hot stamping, labeling, digital, and other

dual-printing processes in one unit, capable of partial or 360° full-circle printing. It is suitable for various shapes

such as round, flat, conical, triangular, polygonal, etc., and provides graphic printing solutions for packaging of

bottle products in industries such as food,daily necessities, cosmetics, makeup, medical, rubber, glass, and more.


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High-Capacity Servo Hot Stamping Machine (SF-AHV-60H)

This equipment is equipped with electrostatic dust removal, visual image positioning/quality inspection (optional),

and hot stamping printing processing devices. The machine has a total of 6 tube positions, all independently

servo-controlled.The hot stamping positioning and paper collection are precise and stable, with a maximum

hot stamping speed of 80pcs/min.The hot stamping head can be moved with one key, and the fixture replacement

is convenient and quick.It is suitable for packaging printing solutions for entire circles or partial lines/text/patterns

on cylindrical products.


Intelligent Visual Inspection Machine (SF-VR100-K)

This equipment utilizes a 4K color industrial camera to perform line scanning (for circular products) or area array

(for square/polygonal/oval products) mode shooting. With intelligent algorithm discrimination, it automatically rejects

defectiveprinted products, reducing labor costs and inspection errors while improving the speed and accuracy of

quality inspection.Suitable for products of various shapes such as round, flat, and square.Inspection items:

Defective printingqualities such as missing graphics, insufficient ink, ink buildup, ghosting, blank prints,

prominent stains, and scratches.



High-Quality Digital Inkjet Flat Printing Machine (SF-IJP2020)

This equipment is suitable for packaging graphic solutions for products with flat surfaces such as round, square,

andarc-shaped items in industries like daily necessities, food, cosmetics, medical, rubber, plastic, and glass.Color

modes: Dual-color single nozzle with a printing resolution of 300dpi, suitable for printing characters/QR

codes/trademark patterns.Single-color single nozzle with a printing resolution of 600dpi, suitable for printing

high-definition photo-quality images.



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High-Quality Digital Inkjet Spiral Printing Machine (SF-ILX461)

This equipment directly prints colorful and high-definition patterns without the need for traditional prepress tools

suchas films and screens, offering energy savings, cost-effectiveness, efficient production capacity, safety,

and ease of use.Suitable for packaging graphic printing solutions for round bottles, cups, and flexible tube

products made ofrubber, plastic, glass, etc., in industries such as food, gifts, daily necessities, and cosmetics.


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During the exhibition, the booth of SHENFA was bustling with guests, many of whom traveled thousands of miles

across the ocean to attend. The enthusiasm and excitement shown by the customers during their on-site visits

to theintelligent printing equipment are a great support and trust in our products, which inspires and gratifies us

greatly.Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to every new and old customer friend from home

and abroad for your attention and love. It is your support that keeps us moving forward.


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Pleasant times always seem so brief yet leave us with unforgettable memories. We sincerely look forward to our

next meeting! See you at the ChinaPlas 2025 Shenzhen International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries!