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Latest company new about Shenfa Teyin Shines in Italy

Shenfa Teyin Shines in Italy

The 55th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, known as the "World's Leading Beauty Fair," is being held from March 21 to 24, 2024, at the Bologna Exhibition Centre in Italy (Via della Fiera, 20, Bologna). This large-scale, highly influential international beauty industry event attracts participants from around the globe. Different periods and markets have varying demands for products. [Shenfa Printing Machinery] (Booth: Hall 20, C5D6) is participating in the Cosmopack Supply Chain & Packaging Exhibition, just like in previous years, bringing new products such as the color spiral digital direct printer and the automatic multi-color servo printing machine, along with other intelligent printing equipment. The company aims to showcase to global customers and friends the high efficiency, automation, and intelligence of packaging printing for beauty and cosmetic products. Among them, the color spiral digital direct printer has attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition due to its wide range of industrial applications and flexible and diverse printing capabilities. This equipment can not only achieve perfect printing on products with a taper (≤10°) but also perform seamless stitching of 360° full-circle packaging graphics. There is no need to produce traditional prepress tools such as films and screens; it can directly print high-definition patterns in a variety of colors, which is both energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. It is suitable for packaging graphic printing solutions for round bottles, cups, hoses, and other products made of rubber, plastic, glass, etc., in fields such as cosmetics, daily use, gifts, and food. Another exhibit on display at the show—the automatic multi-color servo printing machine—is also a highlight. This equipment is a newly developed and manufactured product by Guangzhou Shenfa Electromechanical Co., Ltd. It can print 1-3 colors at once, with partial or 360° full-circle printing capabilities. Optional features include flame/plasma treatment, visual image positioning/detection systems, screen printing devices, and hot stamping devices. It is suitable for automated printing production line solutions for packaging graphics of eyebrow pencils, round bottles, and round tubes made of rubber, plastic, glass, etc., in fields such as cosmetics, daily use, makeup, food, and medical. How to enable customers to achieve efficient automation and intelligence in packaging printing? [Shenfa Printing Machinery] started with its own products and continuously researched and innovated. As the saying goes: "You reap what you sow!" The new printing machines exhibited this time have a printing speed of up to 60pcs/min, which is nearly 50% faster than the previous model's speed of 40pcs/min. When CEO Wu saw the data submitted by the R&D and production departments, he finally took a deep breath after a long frown. Since its establishment in 1996, [Shenfa Printing Machinery] has been solidifying its presence for over 28 years. Within the realm of intelligent specialty printing, our comprehensive strength and research and development products have earned the trust and support of customers old and new from around the world. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on product quality and provide our clients with automated, intelligent, and multifunctional printing equipment, technology, and service solutions. Green printing is a journey we are always on
Latest company new about Vision Inspection System

Vision Inspection System

Sometimes in order to improve the accuracy, efficiency and automation of production, where human vision can not meet the production requirement, or the working environment is not suitable for human being, especially in the process of large-scale production, camera vision inspection system is being used. The vision inspection system is to use mechanical equipment instead of human eyes to make measurement and judgment. In other words, through the visual image products of mechanical equipment, the captured target is converted into image signal, which is transmitted to the special image processing system. According to the pixel distribution, brightness, color and other information, the image system converts these signals into digital signals; the image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of the target, and then controls the corresponding actions of the mechanical equipment on site according to the results of discrimination.   Vision inspection systems (sometimes referred to as machine vision systems) provide image-based inspection automated for your convenience for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Vision systems are capable of measuring parts, verifying parts are in the correct position, and recognizing the shape of parts. Also, vision systems can measure and sort parts at high speeds.                    The vision image of mechanical equipment is easy to realize information integration, which is the basic technology of computer integrated manufacturing. Because the visual image system of mechanical equipment can quickly obtain a large amount of information, it is easy to automatically process and integrate with design information and processing control information. Therefore, in the process of modern automatic production, the visual image system of mechanical equipment is widely used in the fields of product positioning, working condition monitoring, finished product inspection and quality control.   ▲ Vision positioning system(Mascara & lipstick tube)