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Company News About Shenfa's latest machine - UV digital printer

Shenfa's latest machine - UV digital printer

Shenfa's latest machine - UV digital printer

While doing printing, headaches would happen. Such as...

lots of process in making printing plates

unsatisfactory over-printing quality

poor color rendition...

unsatisfactory printing headache



Now Shenfa's latest UV digital printer can help you solve all these problems.



UV digital printer




Printing area:600×950mm

Product thickness:≤120mm

Printing definition:720×2400dpi

Machine dimension:L160×W156×H78 cm

Max power consumption:Ac220 V 50/60 Hz 1Kw



This equipment is applicable to make image’s digital ink-jet printing on the flat surface of products made of glass, wood, metal, crystal, PVC, acrylic, leather, plastic, ceramic and paper etc.



Printing image



No printing plate, intelligent color separation, it can achieve higher printing quality than that in traditional way.



UV digital printer features



Easy to operate. Stable performance. High color rendition.



Printing process



Big range of applicable products. Could be printed with most formats of files (such as Tiff/Jpg/Pdf/Png/Psd).









Max printed item thickness 120mm, max printing area 600x950mm. And it’s open to customization.

So, it can meet your production demand no matter it’s sample printing or mass printing.

And eventually it will enhance your product’s competing ability significantly.