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New Products

SR660 6-color soft tube screen printing machine

SR320 All-in-one screen printing&hot stamping & labeling machine

SHR460 4-Color Auto servo screen printing & hot-stamping all-in-one machine

ASP/M series Fully automatic multi-functional screen printing,hot stamping and labeling all-in-one machine

MP412 Full automatic multi-functional servo screen printing machine

SR12B SERIES Cosmetics screen printing machine series

SR12B SERIES Cap screen printing machine series

AHR80 Hot stamping machine

ARP28 Screen printing and hot stamping machine for Pen

MH278 Special-shaped hot stamping machine

ASP/B Screen printing machine for Bucket

Plane screen printing&hot stamping machine series

Cosmetic pen hot stamping machine series

Labeling machine series

P150  Pen screen printing machine series

CNC280 Universal screen printing machine

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