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Holiday notice. National Day holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival

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Holiday notice. National Day holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival


When it comes to Mid-August in Chinese lunar calendar,  we all will remember the poet written by Su Shi.

Prelude to Water Melody

Su Shi

How long will the full moon appear?

Wine cup in hand, I ask the sky.

I do not know what time of the year

’T would be tonight in the palace on high.

Riding the wind, there I would fly,

Yet I’m afraid the crystalline palace would be

Too high and cold for me.

I rise and dance, with my shadow I play.

On high as on earth, would it be as gay?

The moon goes round the mansions red

Through gauze-draped window to shed

Her light upon the sleepless bed.

Against man she should have no spite.

Why then when people part, is she oft full and bright?

Men have sorrow and joy; they part or meet again;

The moon is bright or dim and she may wax or wane.

There has been nothing perfect since the olden days.

So let us wish that man

Will live long as he can!

Though miles apart, we’ll share the beauty she displays.

(许渊冲 译)

This year, we hear a lot that year 2020 is a special year.

Indeed it is.

October 1st, is the National Day, and it's also the Mid-Autumn Day.

We are going to have 5 days off (Oct. 1st- Oct. 5th) and we will get back to work on Oct. 6th.


On the occasion of both National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, we would like to propose a toast.

Let the country is prosperous and the people live in peace.


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