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Why screen printing become a popular decorating choice

Why screen printing become a popular decorating choice


Screen printing has provided marketing and advertising impact longer and more reliably than any other decorating process. Customers of products packaged in screen printed bottles and containers appreciate and recognize the bright and clean look of screen printed graphics. With a high-end look and feel; sharp and crisp graphics; and the feel of a 3D/brail-like/tactile lay down, screen printing is particularly attractive to industries that need their packaging to scream, “Value added!,” such as in the personal care and cosmetic industries.

Other ink decorating processes, such as offset printing or flexo printing, cannot compare with the amount of bright opaque ink laydown that is achievable with screen printing. With screen printing, the tactile feel or the amount of ink wanted on the product can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the mesh count on the screen. In contrast, offset and flexo transfer ink to the product via an etched plate and roller, and have limited ink adjustments as a result.

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