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Shenfa's MEGA-printer on the way to its new family

Shenfa's MEGA-printer on the way to its new family


YEAR 2020 is

a special year

an abnormal year

a year that Chinese people will forever remember

a year that the world will forever remember.

Shenfa SHR720 container loading

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outburst

some people say this year would be full of crisis

some people see opportunity in it

Shenfa company

as hard-working as always

has been developing new machine models

one after one.

Shenfa SHR720 machine

Few months ago, we released a piece of news about our new machine

Shenfa's latest machine launches

Now it's on the way to its new family.

machine loading

This new machine model

has attracted our customer's attention

for its unique features.

PE tube varnishing six colors screen printing machine

1. Dimension 300x300x215cm.

2. High precision over printing and hot stamping.

3. Varnishing plus six colors screen printing in one pass.

4. Maximum printing speed reaches 80 pcs per min.

5. Perfect connection line.

6. New servo system, easier operation.

printed samples

SHENFA is a leader in green printing……

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