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It is time for Digital style to shine

It is time for Digital style to shine


Previously we mentioned that

YEAR 2020 is a special year, an abnormal year

But as time goes by, we would conclude that

Every year would be a special year

And every moment could be a special moment

We would like to take photos to keep that moment

To remind us the unique feeling at that moment.

Basketball competition

Team building in Qingyuan

Shenfa New Year Feast

Mostly those photos would be in our photo albums

But we may forget them because we are drowned in daily chores

However, there should be some way that we can see these photos more often

To remind us of those unique feelings, those happiness.

Fortunately, we have this machine.

Fully automatic flatbed multi-function UV digital printer

Fully automatic flatbed multi-function UV digital printer.

Easy to operate

High printing quality

Easy operation

Strong hardware

Servo control

branded nozzle

ink drop

color management

High printing quality

With over 24 years’ experience in making machines

SHENFA company has made thousands of Screen printing machines, hot stamping machines, pad printing machines

to help people to decorate daily package.

Now we want to help people to decorate on items that are more meaningful to them.


This ink-jet printer enables us to have saturated and gorgeous pictures on so many items.

And it greatly extends the meaning of photos.

SHENFA is a leader in green printing……

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